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Would this include the script downloads before the site was moved?

Do you plan on distributing the entire foundation pool at once? Or equal amounts over a select period of time? (Since there's a fairly large amount in the pool.)
We can do it both ways. We can distribute previous pool all at once to scripters based on vote, and start the new pool with $0. The new pool can either be done monthly or once the pool reaches a certain amount. Input requested.

"For those of you who participate with foundation scripts, we need to come up with an accurate way to gauge who/how much should be paid out"

can you clarify this linkster? i've read this 2 ways `only foundation scripts will be counted towards to scripters pool` or `only foundation scripters can decide who gets what`
What would be the point of foundation scripts if the pool was distributed to everyone? Maybe I completely misinterpreted how the original pool was designed, but i always thought the pool went to scripters participating in the foundation...idea being that simple or trivial scripts, or scripts someone just wants to be "free to everyone" would not be foundation, and then those scripts that took much effort or represented a significant number of features, etc were made foundation. This encouraged users to pay into the foundation to get access to those scripts. We are not locked into any certain ideal by any means, and we want to find the best possible solution for everyone.

Are you saying voting should take the place of downloads/rating or maybe downloads/rating could be used to get into the determining what percentage of that month's pool? Keep the ideas coming.
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