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Originally Posted by Linkster
Our original idea is to create an "index" of sorts that takes a script's rating and multiplies it by number of downloads.
Would this include the script downloads before the site was moved?

Do you plan on distributing the entire foundation pool at once? Or equal amounts over a select period of time? (Since there's a fairly large amount in the pool.)

Originally Posted by Linkster
One problem with this approach is that it doesn't take into account the hours involved, or the size of the project (compare a 2 line script to something like ioBanana for example).
Long ago (when there was only a few scripters), the names of the scripters were put in a poll and voted on. The users who received the highest votes were given a donation. This method could work, with a few modifications.

For example, every month an equal portion of the foundation pool would be donated to the scripters. Let’s say $250. All scripters would be placed in a poll and voted on by either:

A. ioFTPD foundation users (rationale: it's their money, they should decide who goes to).
B. ioFTPD registered users (rationale: these users have probably used the scripts and can gauge the quality and effort put into them).
C. Both A and B, except a vote by a foundation member would carry more weight.
D. Everyone?

The poll would close in, say a week, and the top 5 scripters would receive 50$ each.

Or set up some sort of award system with different categories. Best zip-script, best <insert whatever here>.

Just throwing out a few ideas.
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