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Default RAW Listing in main window

it would be very useful to me if i could see the RAW listing in the main window and also work with it. for example:
i have a folder called: / test/
or a folder called: / test/
in main window i only see: /test/
if i want to get in, i always have to look in the RAW listing over the toolbar, then copy it from there and paste it to the path bar.
or if i want to rename it i can't just enter the command: rnfr %f
i have to view the RAW listing, copy it, enter the command: rnfr %d and paste it.
flashfxp is the only ftp client i know that has this problem, others, like cuteftp or smartftp show the files as: / test/ or / test/
but i still use flashfxp, because it's the best, especially since the custom commands can be longer than 256 caracters.

i really hope that you can fix this bug, would be really great.

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