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Just a few things to take into concideration...

- Open source projects often have much more developers, allowing one person to work on one thing as another works on something else, or in the case or things like rewrites all work together, this means that developement has the potential to progress much quicker.
- Many of these other clients with support for what you are asking are quite young in comparison, and chances are the developement was started with such future features and multithreading in mind, in order to avoid the need for massive rewrites later on.
- Some of them also have much larger developement teams making such a task much less time consuming, flashfxp does not have this luxury.
- Adding support for new protocol's requires a significant amount of time to research the protocol standards, understand exactly how it works and to plan it's integration before developement can even be started.

I also look forward to an optional tabbed interface, ssh/2 and scriptability amung other things. But at the same time i understand it will not be an overnight progression.
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