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Default NLST on AS/400 machines

Hi, been using CuteFTP for a number of years now as the option "use simple dir listing" has made it one of the few ftp clients that can successfully connect to our IBM AS/400 machines and view/transfer files from it.

CuteFTP Pro has the "NLST" option which also works fine on our AS/400's.

Note also that Cute has a connection option of Host type > QTCP(AS/400) which I presume helps make it more compatible.

I've tried connecting with FlashFXP, it connects fine and changes into the correct directory but only lists my file as *FILE and it cannot transfer it to my PC.

Is there a possibility of tweaking FlashFXP to be able to upload/download files from AS/400's - I've no idea what's involved but can try anything you throw at me!


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