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Originally Posted by neoxed
Firstly, thank you for the status update. This is the most [honest] news we've had in a while.

What I would like see most is documentation for developers and moving scripting languages to modules. This would allow me to write a Tcl and Python scripting module if IniCom decides not to support these languages (the current Tcl interface is terrible). From what I have gathered, the upcoming ioFTPD version is built around LUA, so while be may not be able to move LUA to a module, it is certainly possible for other languages.
documentation wasn't on my list, but i feel the pain of not having it. check, we'll get some stuff out there.

scripting language interface improvements are already on the list of features. i'll be doing some heavy work in getting this stuff cleaned up, adding new languages (lua, perl, python), and generally exposing more and more information from to interface.
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