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Originally Posted by peep
Must say it brakes my heart seeing d1 disappearing once again. Just as the other active members in this community I've been waiting patiently for the upcomming release of the new io and when these things happend, it really affects ones motivation for the whole project.

A statement from d1 about what's going on would be really great at this moment to clarify things for the rest of us and not make us have to keep guessing about the status of the project.
i very much agree, and hope he will chime in with his perspective and some news about how he is doing.

if there is one bit of good news to be taken, it would be that reading d1's code is a real pleasure. he has made it very easy for someone pick up where hes has left off and follow in his footsteps. i won't let the effort you have personally put into the ioftpd community be wasted. this is a community worth being a part of and active in.

but, i don't have to leave you guessing. i'm here so that ioftpd will stay alive and active. i will be around for the long term; as long as i'm needed and can make contributions. it is *not* my intention to replace d1, no one can. i *do* hope i can do my part in making ioftpd the product he always imagined. this product is active, it has developers, and best yet it has a kick-ass community of scripters and contributors. our recent experiences are a speed bump and a learning experience, and we'll be stronger for it.

ioftpd isn't going anywhere.
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