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instead of responding to all of you individually, i hope a single response here will suffice. if i haven't been both thorough and forthcoming below, call me on it and i'll answer additional questions from there.

i'm a relative newcomer to this situation, so i can't fully appreciate how long you've been waiting for a new release of ioftpd. i'm sorry that the wait has been so long. we have made several mistakes on the road to releasing 1.0, which has caused an unacceptable delay in making a new release, and drawn our attention away from addressing the needs of the ioftpd community.

darkone's last post to this forum was august 15th this year, roughly six weeks ago. the last time i heard from him over e-mail was roughly four weeks ago. leading up to this, his involvement in ioftpd has been sporadic, and our progress toward releasing 1.0 has been entirely too slow.

i believe his lack of involvement has had an additional negative effect on everyone else's involvement at inicom. ioftpd always was and will continue to be darkone's baby. without him driving development, this project has languished. sadly, he has proven just how talented and important he is by demonstrating what happens when he disappears.

darkone is welcome to get involved again at any point he chooses, but until and unless he decides to do so, i've been asked to step in and get this project back on track. i'm doing this currently without pay and on a part-time basis. jon and josh are my friends, they asked for my help, and all three of us care too much about ioftpd to leave it where it is now.

i won't ask you to be patient. you've been more than patient already. i will tell you that there *will* be a new release of ioftpd. and that after this we will continue to make new releases. this product is not dead. it will continue to grow into the premier ftp server available anywhere.

much as i don't like being on the receiving end of your frustration, i'm glad as a community you are upset over the delay. i'm glad that you care enough about ioftpd to be angry when your needs aren't being met.

having said all of that, each one of you can help me immensely in moving this project forward. instead of asking when 1.0 will be ready, i'd like to turn around and ask you: "what would you like to see in ioftpd today?" what features are missing, what bugs are you encountering? let me know what your expectations are, and i'll get to work on exceeding them.
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