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The FlashFXP development team seems to be very busy releasing betas, fixing bugs, adding multilanguage support, etc. but for ioFTPD it's the opposite. Except _panic_ who appeared a few days ago as a new developer, we haven't seen anything coming from inicom recently. I share tuff's feeling about darkone: no sign from him for a month and no word from inicom about it could mean he has disappeared again. The promised new features are still keeping the old faithful users around but if development stops (or at least looks like that) your userbase will get smaller and smaller.
You should make an official announcement about the current project status and start posting a weekly report (like suggested in this thread). What about releasing a preview of the ioFTPD-specific commands you've added to lua and to any other script engine that will be supported in v1.0 ? I'm not asking for an alpha version as I can wait for it to be considered ready by the developers (there's no poing in getting one atm). I wouldn't mind getting a preview of the external modules documentation either.

PS: Starting the scripters pool poll and giving a few quids to tuff might keep him happy for a few weeks ..
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