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Originally Posted by whocarez2k5
How long must we be waiting for the final release of ioFTPD, it looks like the project only just started and that the end of it is far far away?
Sry for being so negative but the announcement on the site is a little bit to early, I guess most of us want to see the new final version asp, or am I wrong?
ioFTPD version 1.0 is a complete rewrite of the core i/o subsystem. this was done in order for the 1.0 version to completely outperform the existing beta product. the i/o subsystem is the most performance sensitive portion of the code, particularly as you scale up the number of simultaneous connections.

the i/o system is now complete, and while you are correct that building services on top of this is just getting started, we will be leveraging the features built into this module that make writing these services very easy.

also, unlike the i/o subsystem, the service layer stuff is easier to port from the existing beta codebase. features will drop in pretty fast.

i wish i had a firm date for you, but there have been unexpected delays that have unfortunately affected the time being spent writing ioFTPD. i share your feeling of being upset over not having ioFTPD 1.0 released. we're fixing these delays and committing the resources required to develop ioFTPD into the kind of high-performance and feature-rich ftp server you'd expect.
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