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Originally Posted by DYN_DaTa
Well, it's the first Beta (since the LongHorn renaming) of a Microsoft O.S, what do you expect? .
Well this issue is probably not only a problem of the OS but FlashFXP is not handeling the folders correct i guess. Other FTP clients with a file browser look & feel does not have this problems.

To be more clear. FlashFXP gives a list of folders, without names, when you double-click on one of them, it hangs.

Screenshots of the procedure:

Select one of the drives available using drop down

Selected drive (E:\) and it's contents
(here you can see what i mean with empty folder names)

Selecting an empty folder name, When opening the folder by double clicking it hangs. ( open folder ) ( CTRL + O ) will fire the OS File browser which works fine.
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