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1. An updated scripts infrastracture has been built, and will be implemented in the next couple days (when Smoke gets back from his mini-vacation...much needed and deserved btw )

2. As soon as the new system has been installed, work will begin on the new scripters pool. We have made this a top priority until it gets done. We have not lost the information, and all scripters will be rewarded. We recognize the contributions you make, and have no desire to lose that.

3. As darkone said, this entire merge has been much more work than anyone ever imagined. It is still a work in progress, and we are continually adding new features and fixing things as they are brought to our attention.

4. Good things take time. We would much rather take a little more time to do something right, than bringing something online that is either insufficient, ugly, or will have to be re-written. I regret giving timelines on things that we have decided to change vastly instead of just a minor tweak. I will do my best not to give unrealistic timelines for projects in the future. For the most part, it will be "when it's done".

5. If anyone has any valid concerns, we welcome feedback, and will continue to do our best to please all of our faithful customers.

And no, d1, you aren't the only one who works on the weekends . Smoke works almost every Saturday, bigstar works like you do, Seome (tech support) works 7 days a week, and the rest of us LIVE iniCom! We'll have lots of cool things for everyone to play/work with very soon. Thanks for your patience.
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