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Exclamation 'Add ioFTPD Scripts' page problems

Edit a script' file.
Add this as changelog:

Added getnfo.php; clicking on any news in your RSS reader will load the NFO from that dir, if any.
Make sure you edit getnfo.php and change the UserId to use to open NFO files (I used '11').
Hit Update button.

Error: Invalid File Changelog.

1. Why is this changelog invalid ?
A more descriptive message would help.

2. The page presented with this error is the script details edit page, and not the file details edit page i was on before clicking 'Update'.


3. Sometimes, scripts' Long Descriptions are also rejected with a similar error.

The script will deny the command if the user / group they\'re trying to see is not in any of their admingroup(s).

4. When creating a new script, when the Long Description or Changelog is invalid, the page that is presented contains extra slashes (\\ instead of \ in all fields, etc.) ...

5. ... and the following fields are missing the values previously entered:
'Categories' and 'Foundation'.
('File' is also missing, but that's normal.)


6. Files' Comments and Changelog should probably be allowed to be blank. 1 file & 1 version scripts don't really require a fle comment and a file changelog.
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