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ok, I have news here.
I am running SP1 (not SP2) with Zone Alarm 5.5.094.
FlashFXP was tested on another Windows XP SP1 machine but with no ZoneAlarm, and it worked ok, so I went ahead and purchased a full license and installed it on the machine that will be doing the ftp most of the time and discovered this issue...

The good news: I went ahead and upgraded my ZoneAlarm to 6.0.631.002 (for free) and FlashFXP seems to work just fine...ran several tests with many files of varying sizes being uploaded and all is fine consistently.

Bigstar, I am just curious, why do you think that ZoneAlarm's bug (if it is in ZoneAlarm) is affecting FlashFXP and none of my other FTP/Internet applications? Are you using a specific Socket/FTP library that might be sensitive to something ZoneAlarm incorrectly configured? It is an interesting issue, please keep us posted when you do find out what is going on.
And thanks for your help.

Note: if your ZoneAlarm Product Upgrade Service has not expired then the upgrade to 6 is free, but currently ZoneAlarm does not detect the need for an upgrade when you click the "Check for Update" button, they will probably update their database in the next few days. Just go to the Release History page to download it.
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