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Spanish Translation (ES - Spain) with 1.1 update applied.

Status: 85% (TFrmSpace - Captions).

It'll be finished on the next week. Bigstar, I considered this as the first 'draft'. I would like to review it line per line later, trying to improve some translations. Anyway, it'll be awesome if I could see the translation applied to FlashFXP as soon as possible, in order to (mainly) check space constraints.

About the translation: although i considered it as a 'draft' it doesn't means that is a 'poor' translation. When I start any translation project I always translate 'in context' instead word by word. Anyway there's always room to improve a translation. I only hope that more and more spanish-talking people could try (and understand) FlashFXP with my little contribution .

One more thing: forget about my english writing skills. I know that i'm terrible when I start talking/typing something on english. My translation skills are much, much, better, trust me .
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