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Default Translation Pack v1.1 (update)

Download Language Package (includes English Template)
Download Translation Editor


1. Open the TsiLang Files Editor
2. Load the English.sib located in the "" file
3. Select the first form (TFrmABM), then select Captions
4. From the menu Tools, select Add Language
5. Type in the language name, if dutch, type "dutch"
(A new column will appear to the right of the English Columns)

6. Enter the translated text for each English phrase

(when you've completed the translation or when you're done for now)
7. From the menu, File, select Save As, and save the file as your new language using english characters.

*The Captions, Collections, Dialogs, DisplayLabels, Hints, Multilines, Other, Strings all need to be translated.

*Don't translate any character prefixed with %...this text is then later replaced in code.
For example "The folder "%s" does not exist." the %s is replaced with the folder name ("My Folder") and becomes "The folder "My Folder" does not exist."

*You'll notice the ^ character used in some of the text.
For example "%s Folder^, %s File^, %s Total^". The ^ character is converted in code to include "s" if the word is plural (more than one). If the plural translation for the word is different then the best solution is to just leave out the ^

*You'll notice the first letter of some text is underlined. This is for quick keyboard access, and is created by starting the word with an &. We recommend you follow the English translation and prepend your translation with a & when the English translation does.

*You'll notice that some of the text is duplicated, You can manaully translate the duplicates or you can add your translation to the dictionary, once the translated text is in the dictionary it can be used to fill in all the duplicated entries.

*Please try to keep the text case similar to the original.


1. Open the TsiLang Files Editor
2. Load the English.sib located in the "" file
3. From the menu, File, select Merge
4. Select the file containing your translated language.
5. From the Merge dialog select your language to merge.
6. Click Next
7. "Skip superfluous entries" should be checked
8. Click Finish
9. Now save the template as a new name or overwrite your existing translation file.

Looking at the new template you will see some new translation entries that previously didn't exist in the old template.

Please check every form for new translations, the bulk of the new text is located in
TFrmMain > Strings

One of the new strings is "Language Translation: Charles DeWeese" Please replace my name with your name. This will appear in the about box of FlashFXP.
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