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Default iojZS compile???


i have much probs to compile the iojZS, I just get 2 files:

in system folder: iojZS.obj
in script folder: turboc.$ln

this is my compile cmd:
C:\Development\BCC55\Bin\bcc32.exe -w- -O2 -IC:\Development\BCC55\Include\ -LC:\Development\BCC55\Lib -nJ:\Apps\ioFTPD\system -eiojZS.exe J:\Apps\ioFTPD\scripts\iojZS\source\iojZS.cpp

The compiler is in : c:\development\bcc55
Ioftd is in: j:\apps\ioftpd

i don't know what i can change to get a working .exe.
would be nice if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

many THX for help!

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