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This is really ridiculous. You need to understand that I'm trying to make ioftpd completely script driven instead of having N hardcoded features. Even certificate based authentication will be eventually handled by scripts - perhaps not in 1.0, but later on when I can focus on adding new lua functions. Finally there is virtually no difference between operation performed by LUA script and operation performed C-function. Though, you can't modify hardcoded code path without disassembling the source - which is illegal.

If someone comes up with sane explanation why it should be hardcoded, I will make it so. But so far I've only heard arguments of which none is based on truth:

1) IP-check is part of File Transfer Protocol: it isn't.
2) Scripts are not as reliable: higher level programming languages are more reliable.
3) Scripts are slow: read about LUA.
4) Why did you remove it in first place: 1.0 is complete rewrite, it wasn't there to be removed in the first place.
5) Config option: ihmo default configuration should be minimal and provide basic functionality. Adding dozens of config options that of 90% are obsolete to most, is not something I would ever even consider.
5) If it is so easy to add, why not to: It has much to do with default database structure. I don't think IP table is something, that should be mandatory.

I think I'm through with this subject.. prepare to install script
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