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My personal view: Serv-U is a nice, easy to setup and feature-rich ftp daemon, with some drawbacks:
- i've seen quite a few remote exploits that will either crash the server or allow an attacker to run code, ioFTPD never had any known exploit
- extending servu is only possible with a DLL, limiting programming languages to a strict set (although FtpServerTools has written some good DLL's that allow executing any kind of script)
- last time i checked, it is a singlethreaded server, and if someone performed a recursive dirlisting, the server hangs for all connected clients (this may be fixed by now)
- no internal virtual file system to keep track which user uploaded what file (all users/groups show up in the directory listings as "user" and "group")

The only things that I miss in ioFTPD that Serv-U has: hiding files (with patterns like *\desktop.ini or ?:\Recycler\)

As a dedicated server machine, ioFTPD is the way to go. If u run a server in the background on a lanparty or so, Serv-U might be faster to set up and easier to keep track of what users are doing.
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