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I'm not using Serv-U so I don't really know what its features are nowadays. I've browsed their website and found a comparison table with other ftp daemons. I'll then use this one as a basis to compare Serv-U and ioFTPD's features. Please note that this is only valid for ioFTPD 5.8.4u/5.8.5r. Alot of things are going to change (read: be improved) with the upcoming ioFTPD 1.0.

					Serv-U Standard			ioFTPD 5.8.5r
SSL/TLS Secure-FTP			Optional			Yes (1)
S/Key one-time passwords		Yes				No
System Service				Yes				No (2)
Log Rotation				Yes				No (3)
Client / Server Chat			Yes				No
Dynamic DNS Integration			Yes				No
File Control
Open Architecture			Yes				Yes (4)
Resuming Interupted Transfers		Yes				Yes (5)
Data Compression			Yes				No (6)
File Integrity Checking			Yes				Yes (7)
Access Control
Temporay User Accounts			Yes				No
Block Site-To-Site Transfers (FXP)	Yes				Yes (8)
Virtual Directories			Yes				Yes (9)
User Ratios				Yes				Yes (10)
IP Access Rules				Yes				Yes (11)
Limiting Connections per IP		Yes				Yes (12)
Banned File Types			Yes				Yes (13)
User Bandwidth Control			Yes				Yes (14)
User Quotas				Yes				No (15)
Concurrent Users			25				Virtually Unlimited (16)
Max User Accounts			100				1024 (17)
Free E-mail Support			Yes				Yes (18)
Author moderated discussion list	Yes				No
IRC Channel				?				Yes (19)
Price					$49.95				$15 (20)
Product Maturity			10 Years
(1) There are a still a few limitations to SSL/TLS FXP. This will not be the case with ioFTPD 1.0.
(2) ioFTPD 1.0 will run as a native windows service. At the moment, a few wrappers are able to run ioFTPD as a service.
(3) This is not hardcoded but can be scripted. A few scripts are already available for this.
(4) ioFTPD supports modules and version 1.0 will even support customisable user/group databases.
(5) Using REST or APPE
(6) This has to be MODE Z. I don't know if support for this is coming in the future.
(7) ioFTPD computes the crc32 value of the uploaded file. Scripts (known as zipscripts) can then use this value to check the file integrity. Those scripts could also check other kinds of checksums (like md5) easily.
(8) FXP blocking is a per account setting. You can choose if you want to block FXP upload, FXP download or both.
(10) 10 differents stats/ratio sections are supported. Scripts can also enforce quotas.
(11) You can define the IP access rules globally and/or per account.
(12) You can define the maximum concurrent connections per IP and per account.
(13) This can be done using ioFTPD's internal "Upload" rules or a script.
(14) You can define these per FTP service and per client.
(15) Scripts can enforce quotas easily. A few are already available.
(16) That has always been my thought. darkone might correct me on this one.
(17) This limit might change with ioFTPD 1.0.
(19) #ioFTPD @ EFNet

As you can see, ioFTPD's scripting abilities allow nearly anything.
I don't know any application that can convert the user database from Serv-U's format to ioFTPD's.

darkone or iniCom's staff might want to complete/correct this list.
Feel free to ask if you want more details.
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