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Default IoFTP product inquiries

I'm a huge fans of FlashFXP and wouldn't think of converting to anything else. As for FTP Server, I've been suing Serv-U as my favorite. Now that there is an alternative of IoFTP, I'd like to find out how this can replace Serv-U.

In term of functionality is there any features that present in Serv-U but not covered yet in IoFTP and vice versa? and Is there any comparison of both? There is statement that it is better than other FTP server, but I couldn't find any detailed comparison.

As for upgrade policy, it is different han flashfxp that free only for minor version. So if I purchase now, can I get v1.0 for free? Also what is the charges to upgrade to next level of major version?

Lastly any special deal for personal user like me that already own and support FlashFXP ?
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