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Default SSL problem!

I have made own certificate with the instructions in the help file.

Now i try to test it local before put it online but for some reason it wont work, i have checked the settings and they seem right

### Encryption ####
Require_Encrypted_Auth = *
Require_Encrypted_Data = *
Certificate_Name = ioftpd.cer
Explicit_Encryption = True
Encryption_Protocol = SSL3
Min_Cipher_Strength = 128
Max_Cipher_Strength = 1024

Maybe i must say that i'm just new in to this but i have read the manual quite good i thought and it still wont work

Or is it impossible to test it local or must the cert placed in a specific dir?

This is the error i get:
[2] 220 FTP Server ready.
[2] 504 AUTH %s unsupported.
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