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Default [Not Fixed] the sitebot's connection is refused

hello there!

so i have a "little" problem. my SiteBot cant connect to my ftp.
im using the latest version of ioftpd and the iobanana v20.


[08:49] .ioBanana 9 by Mouton & Harm. attempting to connect to FTP...
[08:49] debug | Starting new connection with:
[08:49] debug | -port = 6182
[08:49] error error | E: C: No connection to server!
[08:49] error error | E: {couldn't open socket: connection refused}
*** [.ioB.] FTP connection failed
[08:49] error error | E: Not connected!

-The User-Account its correct in ioBanana.tcl (IP, PORT, USER, PW).
-The SiteBot Account + Sitebotname in ioBanana.ini its correctly too
-"debug=1" is enabled @ ioBanana.ini
-"set ioBvar(debug) 2" is enabled too @ ioBanana.tcl

PLS help me ;D

cYa and thx
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