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Default version 1.x authentication? certificate based?

Can someone explain a little more how the authentication is going to work in 1.x version? does this mean no usernames and passwords anymore just certificates? and no ip address managed access?

I kind of always thought ip address access was a must... it limits a whole bunch of problems for example i run a ftp i give someone access to his ip range + a username and password, if you take the ip address out of the equation that means he can just go and give his username and password to anyone and they can use it... with a cert wouldnt he just give his username + password + certificate.... what i am saying is you cant exactly give anyone your ip range without proxying and going through a whole process with a certificate wont it just be about giving someone that cert?

i dont know too much about this just the basics... but please tell me the old method of authentication will still be around if we want to enable it.
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