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Post Access violation

I'm using Flashfxp 2.0 RC1 build 860 on Windows XP.

After sucessfully disconnecting from an ftp i got this error:

[16:26:20] 226 Transfer complete.
[16:26:33] QUIT
[16:26:33] 221 Obrigado.
[16:26:33] Logged off:
[16:26:56] An internal error has occurred.
[16:26:56] Access violation at address 00402E85 in module 'FlashFXP.exe'. Read of address 00000000

I didn't do anything, i just disconnected and got back to my irc client. When switched back to FlashFXP i saw that message.

It didn't crash the program or incapacitate me of doing anything, everything worked just fine.

Any ideas what this could be?
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