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Default Possible content filtering for forums?

Is it planned, or even possible, to implement some sort of global content filtering options (maybe some options in the user cp) to hide content from certain sections/sub-sections of the forums from features such as the 'New Posts' page.

While i do use ioftpd from time to time, my prefered ftpd is infact glftpd. My main purpose for visiting these forums is the news/developement/bugreports related to ffxp, As such i am generally not particularly interested in the ioftpd related content.

For example, the purpose of the New Posts page in a forum is to avoid having to manually go through several sections and/or subsections to find the content that is of interest to you. Having to further weed through the results of the New Posts page to find which threads are of interest is somewhat tedious, annoying and potentially time consuming (read:wasting).

I do not think i am alone in these thoughts. I am sure there are members involved with ioftpd that use or prefer clients other than ffxp and in-turn would also find such a feature quite useful.

If at all possible, i believe some sort of content filtering options would be a very nice feature to add.

Just my thoughts, i hope they are taken in concideration.

(ps: totally unrelated- i had to type this twice as the first time i hit submit an error was given saying i do not have permission to post and to log in first. I know i was already logged in as indicated by the 'Logged in as DayCuts' note on the top right of this page)
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