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Arrow Multi-Language Support Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone,

We finally have our new forums up! YAY!

Now it's time to wake up everyone who fell alseep during our long exhasting website update. WAKE UP!! ok.. everyone awake now. Good.

Let me get started by first saying, I've been very busy the past couple months working hard to add multi-language support to FlashFXP. The first couple attempts went sour and I had to try some other options. I ended up with a great solution that should make translating the text fairly easy. Maybe not easy enough, but trust me, Some of the other options would have been a nightmare.

Sounds great right?

I will post the default english translation and the translation editor in a day or two. Hopefully I should have everything finalized by then.

An updated build of FlashFXP wont be ready for a couple more weeks, There's some stuff I need to work out internally and visually. Also it's very important that we get a couple language translations done first, even if they're just rough drafts. that way the interface can be tweaked to allow for text longer phrases.

One of our forum users and beta testers "Hetfield" started work on a dutch translation. He spent many many hours on it. Sadly I added more text to the translation table so now it's not 100% complete. I haven't talked to him lately but I'll also post his translation for those of you interested in completing it.

Oh hey, If you're interested in doing a translation please reply to this thread which language you want to translate. Maybe some of you can team up and work together on the translations. or do revisions...revisions... oh the horror... stop the madness.

Charles DeWeese
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