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Default Re: [iTCL] change default script timeout via function

Originally posted by mentality
is there a way to change the amount of time a script can run without printing to console?
Tcl scripts running from within ioFTPD do not have a 'console'. There is no way to change the default script-execution timeout (nor was there ever). In one of the major 5.x beta releases, this timeout was introduced.

However, there are tricks to extend the timeout. External applications can repeatedly write "no-op" commands to stdout and flush the channel (i.e. printf("!buffer off\n"); fflush(stdout); ). Tcl applications can use 'iputs -nobuffer <message>'. Both of these methods must be performed continually or on regular intervals before the timeout value.

I believe darkone mentioned that he would change the script-execution timeouts for the next ioFTPD beta release (don't quote me on this, though).
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