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Originally posted by sk1nt
1. Newdir got nothing to do what the bot announces. You have to config your sitebot correctly for the bot to announce it.
Well, the thing is: if the rls isnt nuked, the announce works great. But when i wipe a nuked rls, the bot doesnt announce. I just checked the bot config and i cant find anything that could fit for that issue. i can disable or enable wipe announces, thats all.

Originally posted by sk1nt
2. Have you added the correct line _under_ then wipecommand from ioA in ioftpd.ini?
Like this:
wipe = EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe WIPE
wipe = TCL ..\scripts\newdir\OnSiteWipe.itcl [/B]
Yes, its looks exactly the same in my ioFTPD.ini

And i just discovered a third kind of error:

I only log folder (and no files). But when i want to undupe a folder, newdir keeps saying:

[R] site undupe testfolder
[R] 550- testfolder not found in dupefile.log
[R] 550 Command failed.
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