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Default two questions about newdir!

hi forum!

i've got two questions about that newdir script:


when i wipe a nuked rls, the bot doesnt announce that action in the channel. a view in the ioFTPD.log tells me, that the action is logged correctly.

i've set the nuke_tag in init.tcl like this:
set IOA_NUKE_TAG {[Nuked]-}
all works fine if the rls that is be wiped isnt nuked.

second question:

i've added a folder to the site. when i now wipe this folder, it wont be remove from the dupedir.log

thx for help in advance

** edit **
i dunno why my signature isnt part of this post, but im using these scripts:

[VERSION] + ioFTPD 5-8-5r - dZSbot 1.15 - Eggdrop 1.6.18+commentfix - ioA 1.2.4

** /edit **
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