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Default I need a hand with some TCL proc...

Hello and thanks for coming here...

First off, this is my first attempt at TCL scripting. I have been reading
thru the ActiveTCL manuals alot lately. Now I am trying to build a proc
that will do the following:

open a channel "in"
read in some logfiles in a dir "logdir"
close channel "in"
foreach of these files read them and lappend to a variable "log_data"
open a new channel "out" and puts the collected (read) $log_data
then close channel "out"
return with the logfile argument of this proc that was used as file for the open "out"]

So in the end I have a file "logfile" created by "out" that contains all
the data read by "in". And I have the ability to store the return code by
the proc in a new variable so I can work with the location of "logfile".

Here's what I have so far:

proc savePrelog {dir logfile} {
   set prelog_data {}
   foreach file [glob -nocomplain -directory $dir *{underdogs}*.log] {

	 set line [gets $in]
	 set dataIN [read $in]

      close $in

      lappend prelog_data $dataIN

      set out [open $logfile a]
      set dataOUT $prelog_data

      puts $out $dataOUT

      close $out

   return $logfile
but this way I have the problem that it does not stop once it has
read all logfiles. The saved file just grows and grows...
There must be a way to do this properly.

Thanks for any replies

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