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FXP transfers are transferred directly site to site. There is no way for FlashFXP to know if the file is incomplete, if both servers report a successful transfer FlashFXP assumes the file was transferred successfully.

When a site to site transfer is performed FlashFXP acts as a 3rd hand guiding each server along the way, once the transfer starts the two servers are on their own, FlashFXP sits and waits until both servers notify FlashFXP the file was completed and then it continues on to the next file.

Not all ftp servers are created equal, some ftp server software may not be compatible with a different ftp server software. In some instances if the ftp software is created poorly it may not even be compatible with itself.

The fact that the file is nearly complete leads me to believe that the ftp server sending the data is prematurely closing the data connection. It's not waiting for the recieving server to recieve all of the data before closing the connection.

The error:error in the status message you supplied is from ftp server. I don't know which ftp server that is but I have seen reports of that error many times before. I think it has problems with site to site transfers.
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