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Default Site command, not able to restric

Just found one thing that is a kinda security issue.

Im useing ioGroups and have overide site command "SITE USERS" from ioFTPD default to ioGroups. I was playing around with an anonymous account and found out that ANY one can use "SITE USERS"

Ive trippled checked my ioFTPD.ini to see if anything is wrong but cant find nothing. Here is what my ioFTPD.ini contains:

site 		= EXEC ..\scripts\iogroups\ioGroups.exe override_site_users

lusers    		= EXEC ..\scripts\iogroups\ioGroups.exe listusers

users		= 1GM
Admin 		= flags 1M
Simple User 	= flags 3Ff
Anonymous 	= flags 3A
Everyone of abow can use "SITE USERS"
Can someone confirm this as I get the same on two ftpds.
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