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Wow! forums up!

As with all things there is good news and bad what you want to hear first?

GOOD NEWS: i got some screenshots to post update of the user control - got a nice dashboard - got a nice set of graphs that i am working on, finished groups management, stats are being updated started work on some really cool wizards for tasks like adding users etc - no screens yet but still looking good.

BAD NEWS: there has been a breakage in .NET framework June CTP build 2.05xx (is in one word Fux0red), my VFS file editor has broken and i am unable to continue till they fix the breakage - i havent yet been able build a server configurator.

REQUESTS: besides most you guys being the dungeon style hardcore c++ coders if anyone here has an artistic flaire and would like to send me some possible logos / icons etc drop me a pm.

Thats it for now. Watch this space - will post images when i get home.
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