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Default the work goes on....

Sorry i have been so quiet guys, been waiting for responses etc from you guys and busy moving houses - but the moving is done now.

Although i would have liked a more positive response than the current 60/40 i think its enough to justify me carrying on for the moment, i have inquired about some of the changes to the new ioFTPD, and i think i should be able to modify my code to manage a lot of the new changes, so the coding will continue.

Please post and tell me what kind of things you guys would like to see in the GUI, what kind of management screens, and what options....

They dont have any plans to make it .net based... hopefully you guys can use my dll to build your own programs too.

There are a lot of new technologies coming out in .net 2.0 like web parts which allow dragging and dropping of sections of a web page around so you can customize the look at feel, but these require a database to store the positions.... how do you guys feel about MSDE database? or should i leave it plain and simple....

let me know, speak now or forever hold your peace....
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