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This thread was just pointed out to me and I want to make sure it's addressed:

-) First, the e-mail address for support is, not, as someone has already corrected. Our support group does its best to address support requests real-time throughout the day and in no more than 24 hours, including most weekend requests.

-) Support has been lacking and it is our fault for not pushing this more. We are working as quickly as we can to relieve D1 of his support tasks and merge that function back into iniCom. D1 is still providing primary support for io. The only version released was released quite some time ago and there is limited support for this. As we get closer to a final release of a newer version, much more effort is being put into user-side support as well as the support we can offer. This includes not only the program but purchasing, online, forums, portal, etc.

-) As far as iniCom not being open with the ioFTPD community, I'd be the first to defend that. Not being more public about the lead developer being absent from a project was first and foremost a personal issue private to D1. We're certainly not going to criticize our own in public. Second, we didn't say anything because we didn't know anything. D1 made his return known and we followed that up.

-) As far as not being welcoming to the ioFTPD community, it's important to remember how this relationship started. We have supported D1's development process both financially and with whatever support we can offer. That has allowed D1 to re-evaluate what direction ioFTPD needs to go and he's nearing the end of a fairly substantial rebuild process. Additionally, we've always said we will take care of the scripters, even out of pocket if necessary.

To make a long post short, as iniCom said when we first got into this, we're here to make things better, however we can. D1 is a part of iniCom and a substantial one at that. We're here to give what started off as a one man project the support it needs so D1 can do what he's good at; build a rock-solid, extremely optimized and flexible program built with the guidance and input from those who use it. Please be patient as we get done what we need to get done.
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