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Arrow SSL Connections/Transfers

I'm not sure if you guys have seen WinSCP, a freeware secure copy client for windows. I've been looking for an FTP client that can handle secure transfers (so I can get away from WinSCP) and was excited to read that FXP 2.0 will feature SSL.

However, I can't get the client to connect and am a bit confused by the "Implicit SSL, Auth SSL, and Auth TLS".

WinSCP features an "Advanced" Protocol options area that asks for input such as "Preferred SSH protocol version, 1 or 2" and "Encryption algorithm, 3DES or Blowfish or DES" (which is stuff I've seen in telent applications like SecureCRT). Maybe SSL and SSH are two very different things.

Regardless, it may be useful for you guys to look at the software (if you haven't already). I use it DAILY because all the servers I design for are secure (and it was annoy to use unix 'scp' everytime I wanted to transfer something).

Looking forward to the SSL!

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