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We tried this once before and it failed. Everyone was downloading beta releases but no one was reporting bugs. Our major goal for beta releases is to find bugs. Since we started posting beta releases on our message board bug reports have increased 100 percent. The majority of people using beta releases are not doing their job. Just recently we found and fixed a few bugs that go all the way back to v1.0. The majority of our beta releases are released without any prior testing. If most people knew that I think they would think twice about downloading a beta

Our message board will always be the center of beta releases.

v2.0 RC1 was not availible for download via the LiveUpdate because we had questioned it's stablity and compatiblity, also it lacks a help file. When v2.0 RC2 is ready it will be availilble via the LiveUpdate for download to those using v2.0 RC1. At the moment only 1 bug has been found. If you want RC2 everyone is going to have to do a lot better than that At this rate RC2 might be out some time next month
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