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Default eggdrop can't load dzsbot.tcl

i everybody i'va got a a problem with dZSbot and my eggdrop

the problem is when i add the line: source scripts/dZSbot.tcl into my eggdrop.conf

Without this line the eggdrop load correctly and join the channel

The is the error message :

TCL error in file eggdrop.conf
couldn't read file "/scripts/dzsbot.tcl" : no such file or directory while executing
"/scripts/dzsbot.tcl" <file line 145> Fichier de configuration non charger (config File not loaded) <Can't find or error>

is my dZSbot.tcl not good configurated?
i tried with some differents dZSbot.tcl but there's always the same probleme :/

pleas help

(sorry for my bad english ^^)
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