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Default nuke with ioA and iobanana

hi boys.. i use ioA to nuke directories and iobanana's bot to report in channel..

nuke are ok in ftp but bot has problem to sy in channel the nuke:

NUKE: 0422/name.of dire was nuked x by nicknet@SiTEOPS/colboy@iND - Reason: no.reason - Nukees: 3 17.38 (mb).

it should be:

NUKE: 0422/name.of dire was nuked 3x by nicknet@SiTEOPS - Reason: not.allowed - Nukees: colboy@iND (17.38 (mb)

the config of my ioftpd.ini is this:

nuke = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe kicknuke NUKE
unnuke = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe kicknuke UNNUKE
nuke = EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe NUKE
unnuke = EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe UNNUKE

and in my ioA.cfg i don't know what i have to write in Nuke_Run_Script and UnNuke_Run_Script

how can i do?
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